Long Bow Master –Tommy Hunter

Tommy had a smooth style of fiddle playing that was uniquely his.

Interview with Joe Penland, July 2010

Tommy Hunter Photo copyright Rob Amberg 2010

Tommy Hunter (1919-1993) made his debut at a young age on a radio station. Tommy was an expert long bow fiddle player. When most fiddlers draw their bow across the strings, they get one note. Tommy could get fifteen to twenty notes going one direction and the same number coming back. He had his own band with included his sister Nan Fisher and Obray Ramsey. Tommy Hunter’s String Band traveled to New York City in the 1960s to perform. The band recorded an album —Orange Blossom Special which was kind of blue grass style. Later with John McCutcheon on guitar, he recorded Deep in Tradition. Tommy was the recipient of several awards including a 1989 North Carolina Folk Heritage Award.