Cecil Sharp’s Madison County, North Carolina Singers

Cecil Sharp collected a total of 260 tunes in Madison County, NC. 158 of these were collected in one small area, comprising the settlements of White Rock, Alleghany, Allenstand, Carmen, Big Laurel, Rice Cove and Spillcorn. The remaining 102 songs came from the small town of Hot Springs. These include 70 songs which came from one singer alone, Jane Gentry. Cecil Sharp’s Madison County, NC, singers:


Mrs Mary Gosnell
Mrs Mary Sands
Mrs Dorah Shelton
Mr Franklin B Shelton
Mr Mitchell Wallin


Mrs Anelize Chandler
Mr Floyd (or is this Lloyd?) Chandler
Mr Jehu Harris
Miss Donna Shelton
Miss Memory Shelton
Mrs Norah Shelton
Miss Stella Shelton
Miss Virginia Shelton
Mr William Riley Shelton

Big Laurel

Mrs Becky Griffin
Miss Viney Norton
Mrs Minnie Rice
Mr & Mrs Tom Rice
Mrs Zipo Rice



Miss Emma Hensley
(later became Mrs Donald Shelton)
Mrs Rosie Hensley
Miss Linnie Landers
Mrs Mandy Shelton
Mrs Nancy E Shelton
Mr Sol Shelton
Mrs Wonnie Shelton
Mrs Sotherland

Hot Springs

Mrs Jane Gentry
Mrs Hester House
Mrs Ellie Johnson
Mrs Lizzy Roberts
Mrs Smith
Mrs Julie Williams


Mrs Harland Shelton
Mr Silas Shelton
Mrs Tempa Shelton

White Rock

‘Granny’ Banks
Mrs Polly Shelton



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