New anglers are welcome here! North of Asheville, North Carolina there are an assortment of waters that are fantastic for both the experienced and inexperienced angler. We pride ourselves on the beauty and quality of the streams, rivers and ponds in Madison County. Our section of the Appalachian Mountains are scenic, enchanting and most importantly, clean. Many of our fishing locations are hatchery-supported waters, be sure to keep an eye on the NC Wildlife stocking schedule when you plan your next fishing trip and all anglers must have a current fishing license.

The stretch of Spring Creek for hatchery-supported trout fishing begins about 7 to 8 miles south of Hot Springs at the community of Bluff. Fishing extends to where Highway 209 joins Highway 63 and parallels the road the entire distance. Find out more

Located south of the town of Hot Springs, Meadow Fork is a tributary of Spring Creek which joins it about 6/10 mile south of the Bluff Community. It has a good population of native rainbow trout as well as the hatchery-supported trout. Find out more

Meadow Fork (which is located south of the town of Hot Springs) has two tributaries–both of which are hatchery-supported trout streams. Roaring Fork is a small creek that is only about 5 miles long and 6 to 8 feet wide. Find out more

North of the town of Hot Springs, Upper Shut-In Creek is a small hatchery-supported stream (marginal at best) which is approximately 8 miles long and is about 12-15 foot in width. Find out more

Located just east of Hot Springs, the Laurel River Trail is a popular and scenic hiking trail that hugs the Laurel River. Find out more

Puncheon Fork –a hatchery-supported trout stream–is a tributary of the Big Laurel River which begins at Ebbs Chapel Community Center. It’s a small stream which runs about 6 to 8 feet wide and runs for about 5 miles. Find out more

Both Hatchery-Supported and Delayed Harvest Trout stream, Shelton Laurel Creek is a stretch that parallels the road allowing easy access when you find a place to pull off the road. Find out more

Located in the Mars Hill area, convenient to the I 26 coming from Asheville, Little Ivy Creek is stocked from March through June because often when the temperature gets too hot and the water too low, it will not support the fish so it may not be stocked. Find out more

Max Patch Pond

If you are planning a day trip to the Max Patch Bald on the Appalachian Trail, toss your fishing pole in the trunk and take a brief “detour” to throw a line in. This pond is about ¼ mile beyond the parking for the Max Patch Bald.

Fishing on the French Broad River

Murray Branch River Access

From Hot Springs, take NC Highway 25/70 south and east over the French Broad River. Turn left on River Road and go 4.2 miles to the US Forest Service’s Murray Branch Recreation Area.

Stackhouse to Hot Springs

From the end of Stackhouse Road off Hwy 25/70 between Marshall and Hot Springs, go along the bank of the French Broad River or use a raft or boat to Barnard Road or Hot Springs where there is no access along the road.

Marshall to Buncombe County

From the town of Marshall, drive south along NC Hwy 251 from Marshall to the Buncombe County Line. There are several places to pull off the road for parking.

Blannahassett Island

From the town of Marshall, drive south on Bailey Branch Road across the French Broad River and turn right onto Blannahassett Island just after leaving the bridge. There is a fishing pier on the south end past Marshall High Studios.