Fishing Roaring Fork & Little Creek in Madison County North Carolina

Meadow Fork (which is located south of the town of Hot Springs) has two tributaries–both of which are hatchery-supported trout streams. Roaring Fork is a small creek that is only about 5 miles long and 6 to 8 feet wide. It is somewhat difficult to fish because of the brush so you have to get in it to fish. The other tributary is Little Creek which is about 2 miles long. The upper end of it has a fair population of small native rainbow trout.

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Fishing in Upper Shut-In Creek, Hot Springs, North Carolina

North of the town of Hot Springs, Upper Shut-In Creek is a small hatchery-supported stream (marginal at best) which is approximately 8 miles long and is about 12-15 foot in width.

Tip: Best place to fish is at Mill Pond where there is the biggest pool on the creek. This is about 6/10 of a mile south of the US 25/70 where there is a 8 to 10 foot waterfall.

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Fishing in Spillcorn Creek, Madison County, North Carolina

Spillcorn Creek is a hatchery supported trout stream that is a tributary of Big Laurel Creek. It begins at elevations near 3000 feet where Colvin Creek, Amos Creek, and Baker Creek come together in northern Madison County. Spillcorn Creek is approximately 10-12 feet wide at its beginning and spreads out to approximately 15-18 feet wide at its confluence with Big Laurel Creek. It has a fair population of native rainbow trout as well as stocked trout.

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Fishing in Shelton Laurel Creek Madison County, North Carolina

Both Hatchery-Supported and Delayed Harvest Trout stream, Shelton Laurel Creek is a stretch that parallels the road allowing easy access when you find a place to pull off the road. It covers the area which begins where highway 212 meets highway 208 and continues to Carmen Church of God.

Tip: If you get in the stream and fish for a while, you’ll catch a fish.

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Fishing in Puncheon Fork Creek, Madison County, North Carolina

Puncheon Fork –a hatchery-supported trout stream–is a tributary of the Big Laurel River which begins at Ebbs Chapel Community Center. It’s a small stream which runs about 6 to 8 feet wide and runs for about 5 miles.

Tip: The trees and bushes on the bank are thick at time and then it is difficult to fish where the good pools are. It’s easier when it goes through pasture land but the pools here are not as good.

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Fishing in Mill Creek, Madison County, North Carolina

There are two tributaries of Shelton Laurel. Mill Creek, which enters at the Carmen Church of God, is about 2 to 3 miles long. It runs from Hot Springs up to the Pisgah National Forest Boundary. This is hatchery-supported with trout fingerlings. The other tributary, Big Creek, is 5 to 6 miles long and ranges from 12 to 15 feet wide. It has a fair population of native rainbow trout.

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