Agri-Tourism in Madison County, North Carolina

At one time, Madison County landscape was covered with acres of tobacco fields and the farm economy relied heavily on burley tobacco. Agriculture in western North Carolina has changed quite a bit. Today, the old-time farmers and newcomers to the trade have responded to the market trend and the county now has more organic farms than any other county in North Carolina. There are farms specializing in all types of breeds of goats, cattle, chickens. But, there are also farms that are rich in value-added products such as cheeses, milk, jams, jellies, molasses, Christmas wreaths, and fiber (such as yarns and knitted fabrics), and even organic brick oven-baked bread. Want some fresh berries, nuts or vegetables? You can find those, too. And, of course, we boast of a variety of farms that grow shrubs, plants and even medicinal herbs.

Listen to a recording of “Madison County Days” Interview with Ross Young, County Extension Agent from wART Radio in August 2015

There are many different ways to find and experience agri-tourism sites throughout the county. Some farms are open for tours, while others are open for picking (like berries or Christmas trees). For a unique experience, some others operate as a farm-style bed and breakfast where you can help with the chores in the morning. How about a class in recognizing medicinal herbs? If you don’t have the time to travel through our beautiful countryside, there are farmers’/tailgate markets in the town on the weekends.